Kicking off the new year right: a time for New Paths, New Pilsners, and new Adventures with the Family

Happy New Year! I hope everyone survived the holidays in one piece (plus or minus a few pounds and a few scars)! Here at Paths and Pilsners I survived the holidays mostly unscathed…I say mostly because there were some real downs, but that can wait for another time. The point of this initial post-holiday, New Years post is to bring everyone up to date on the last few months and look ahead to all that 2020 hopes to bring!

img_2413The end of 2019 brought about a lot of runs, bikes, and beers as I began to explore Tennessee more. Work travel, including a trip to England, also provided some great tales of adventure not to mention some damn good beers, which I plan on expounding upon in future posts. More than anything, I found myself finding a good routine which allows me to train and get back into doing the things I enjoy most. One of them is this blog. With that said, I hope to expand this blog over the next year from just about my paths and pilsners to include more tales of my adventures as a dad. One thing I learned over the course of our journey across the country this year was that as much as I love writing about the trails and beers, my family life is a hell of a lot funnier and easier to write about! Not to mention, kids make for some pretty hilarious stuff…and ask damn good questions. And like a fungus, they do grow on you, so I plan on bringing their tales more into the mix. Don’t worry though, there will be plenty of beers, wines, bikes, and trails in here.

With that said, (and because what New Year’s blog post wouldn’t be complete without a list of half thought out resolutions which probably won’t happen, but feel good to write down), here’s what my New Year’s resolutions are for 2020 and this blog:

  1. More posts…got to up the frequency for my own sake.
  2. Shorter flash to bang—I mean I post things on Instagram within hours and sometimes minutes, why not here?
  3. More family stories. Kids really make for great stories and humor.
  4. Have others contribute—if you have a good path & pilsner story, I’d love to share it here!

Four is enough. Seriously, if we get through four in the next year there will be champagne popping. In the meantime, here are some stories I’m working on:

  1. A trip to Jolly Old England
  2. Breaking up with Monterey
  3. Family Road Trip Part Deux
  4. Going Home
  5. More Tampa Travels
  6. A recap of Ugly Christmas Sweaters 2019
  7. My thoughts on teamwork

Like I mentioned, I’ve had some great ideas rolling around my head these last few months, and now it’s time to deliver to all of you. I know you will keep me accountable (at least that’s my theory). Until then, best of luck in 2020 and I’ll see you on the trails!


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